IMB Genetics and Genomics Division 2019 Symposium


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The new Genetics and Genomics Division of IMB is being launched with a symposium held at Customs House on Wednesday 4th September. The purpose of the symposium is to bring together those working in genetics and genomics at IMB together with others with related research interests across UQ. We are pleased to welcome our invited plenary speaker Professor Zibing Jin from Wenzhou Medical University.

Professor Zi-Bing Jin from Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) received his M.D. (MBBS) from Wenzhou Medical College in 2000 and PhD from University of Miyazaki in 2007. He undertook postdoctoral research for 4 years at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology under Dr. Masayo Takahashi. He leads the Laboratory for Stem Cell and Retinal Regeneration as well as the Division of Ophthalmic Genetics, the Eye Hospital of WMU. Currently he is holding a concurrent post as the dean of the Graduate School of WMU. He research focuses on stem cell translational medicine and genetic mechanisms of ocular diseases. His lab is dedicating to make efforts on elucidating the disease mechanisms of inherited retinal degeneration and childhood ocular disorders, translating laboratory technology to improve bedside outcomes, and solving key basic problems together with retina specialists.

Time Name Group Title
9:00 am Naomi Wray Welcome/Purpose
9:10 am Loic Yengo IMB/PCTG Distinguishing structure from stratification in gargantuan GWAS and implications for gene discovery
9:30 am Quan Nguyen IMB/Nguyen Integrating tissue morphology and spatial gene expression to predict disease cells
9:50 am Brett McKinnon IMB/Montgomery Endometriosis susceptibility genes and cell type specificity
10:10 am Jian Zeng IMB/PCTG Detecting signatures of negative selection in human complex traits using GWAS summary statistics (SBayesS).
10:30 am COFFEE
11:00 am David Evans UQDI Identifying maternal genetic effects in the context of DOHAD
11:20 am Jess Mar AIBN One of these cells is not like the other – how variability of gene expression highlights regulatory control.
11:40 am Devika Ganesamoorthy IMB/Coin Nanopore direct RNA sequencing for transcriptome analysis
12:00 pm Enda Byrne PCTG Progress in Psychiatric Genetics
12:20 pm LUNCH
1:20 pm Enakshi Sinniah IMB/Palplant Using conserved epigenetic regulatory logic to infer genes governing cell identity
1:40 pm Elizabeth Ross QAAFI The Application Of Long Read Sequencing Technologies To Animal Agriculture
2:00 pm Jon Xu IMB/GIH A genotype-free tool for demultiplexing pooled single cell RNA-seq
2:20 pm Anjali Henders IMB/PCTG Human studies unit
2:30 pm Angelika Christ IMB/Sequencing Sequencing facility
2:40 pm Brooke Purdue IMB/GIH Genomics Innovation Hub
3:00 pm COFFEE
3:30 pm Longda Jiang IMB/PCTG A resource-efficient tool for mixed model association analysis of large-scale data.
3:50 pm Gabriel Cuellar Partida UQDI/Evans Complex-Traits Genetics Virtual Lab: A community-driven web platform for post-GWAS analyses
4:10 pm Zibing Jin WMU Genetic Diseases in Human Retinal Organoids
5:00 pm Naomi Wray Close
5:10 pm Drinks