Genetics and Genomics Winter School

Registrations closing soon on 19th May.

The 2nd Genetics and Genomics Winter School (GGWS) will be held in-person from June 19th to 23rd, 2023, at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. The goal of the GGWS is to introduce cutting-edge statistical and computational methods to scholars who are interested in or working with genetic or genomic data analysis in various backgrounds. The one-week course is made up of 6 learning modules that cover a broad range of modern genetic subjects, with a strong focus on practical exercises.

The course will begin with two concurrent modules: "Genetic Mapping" and "Cellular Transcriptomics." The former module provides an introduction to genome-wide association studies (GWAS), which are a central component of complex trait genomic analysis and a foundation for some of the subsequent modules. The latter module is a fast-moving area that provides opportunities to understand disease aetiology at a cellular level using spatial transcriptomic technology. The course continues with two more concurrent modules, "Quantitative Genetics I" and "Genetic Epidemiology," before concluding with "Quantitative Genetics II" and "Systems Genomics and Pharmacogenomics." The Quantitative Genetics I and II modules cover theories and statistical methods for analysing large-scale GWAS data for genetic variance estimation and trait phenotype prediction, respectively. In the Genetic Epidemiology module, participants will learn how to make causal inferences between traits using genetic instruments and GWAS data. The Systems Genomics and Pharmacogenomics module covers methods for omics data analysis, including transcriptome-wide association analysis and integrative analysis of GWAS and omics data to predict both the beneficial and adverse effects of drugs. The drop-in session in the middle of the week provides an opportunity for participants to discuss their own projects with one of the instructors.

The course modules are not necessarily sequential, so attendees can construct their own one-week course based on their interests. Each module has a capacity for up to 40 participants and can be registered for separately. The format of the course will be a mix of lectures and computer lab practicals, taking place from 8 am to 5 pm each day, with a one-hour break at noon. The course will be held in computer rooms 304 and 305 in Building 69 on the St Lucia Campus. Participants will have access to a high-performance computing cluster. However, we highly recommend you bring your own laptops for reading course materials and completing practical exercises using R or RStudio. Compute resources from the Nectar Research Cloud have been provided by QCIF. The course includes a welcome BBQ on Monday evening and an all-together lunch on Friday, as well as a chance to visit the Human Studies Unit lab in groups during the drop-in session.

The registration fee is $300 for a single module, $500 for two modules, and $700 for three modules. Payment links will be sent out after registration (free for IMB students and staff). Registration deadline is May 19th. We provide a limited number of scholarships for undergrad students who are interested. If you are interested, please send us a letter of application.

Module 1

Genetic Mapping

Dr Kathryn Kemper
Dr Jian Zeng
Dr Joana Revez
Miss Ang Li
Ms Alesha Hatton
Miss Fei-Fei Cheng

Module 2

Cellular Transcriptomics

Dr Quan Nguyen
Mr Jacky Xie
Mr Onkar Mulay
Ms Claire Cheng
Ms Lauren Barker

Module 3

Quantitative Genetics I

Dr Loic Yengo
Dr Valentin Hivert

Module 4

Genetic Epidemiology

Dr Nicole Warrington
Dr Daniel Hwang
Dr Gunn-Helen Moen
Dr Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne
Dr Christopher Flatley
Dr Geng Wang

Module 5

Quantitative Genetics II

Dr Jian Zeng
Dr Tian Lin
Dr Huanwei Wang
Dr Valentin Hivert

Module 6

Systems Genomics and Pharmacogenomics

Dr Sonia Shah
Dr Clara Jiang
Dr Gagandeep Singh
Dr Zhihong Zhu
Dr Solal Chauquet

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Genetic Mapping Quantitative Geneics I Drop-in Quantitative Geneics II
Cellular Transcriptomics Genetic Epidemiology Systems Genomics & Pharmacogenomics

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Registrations closing soon on 19th May.

Venue: Computer room 304 and 305, Building 69, The University of Queensland, Saint Lucia, QLD 4067

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We would like to thank all of our instructors for their continued involvement with the Genetics and Genomics Division.


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