Covid-OzGenetics Research Project

We are excited to announce Covid-OzGenetics research study was launched on 19 February 2021.

Professor Naomi Wray and her research team are researching why there are differences in the severity and symptoms between Covid-19 patients. We are interested in not only the symptoms at the time of infection but also in the long term effects, sometimes called long-Covid. This study will consider the genetics of the human host. “It is highly likely that genetics play an important part in why some people end up in intensive care, while others hardly know that they are ill,” Professor Wray said.

Another part of the study is to measure the levels of antibodies in those who have recovered from COVID-19. “Something we really want to know, and we’ll use this research to understand, is what kind of antibodies we still have in our blood after having Covid and whether the levels of those antibodies correlate with disease severity” Dr Labzin said.

Anyone who would like to participate can find out more information and register online at Or contact the Covid-OzGenetics team at Email: